Preference #29- Lingerie

  • Wes: Wes was quite fond of lingerie. He always volunteered to go shopping with you, in hopes of helping pick out a sexy outfit for later that night. Sometimes Wes would even sneak into the dressing room against your wishes to get a better look. His favorite was lace, although those outfits didn't last very long. Wes's aggressive nature did not mix well with the delicate lace that wrapped around your body. Wes's hands would linger up and down your body, tracing the little designs in the outfit. But it wouldn't be long until Wes got antsy and tired of the small amount of clothing covering you. His hands would desperately search for a zipper or a buckle, anything to separate you from the fabric. But sooner or later Wes's impatience would get the best of him and you would hear a small tear in the lace. "Oops," he would say sarcastically before laying eyes on you and connecting a kiss.
  • Keaton: You & Keaton usually didn't use lingerie, but this time it was the result of a bet you lost. Keaton was allowed to pick out anything he wanted for you to wear, and you already knew that this was going to be dangerous. Although quiet, Keaton was extremely sexual, so you knew you weren't going to get off easy. You cringed when you saw the small little thing he picked on the hanger. It shouldn't even count as clothing. But as Keaton held the hanger up, you couldn't help but glance at his face shining with happiness. His eyebrows were raised and he nodded towards you as to say "Go ahead". Once you put it on, Keaton's smile expanded. He looked like a little kid who just got a new shiny toy to play with. And play with you he will.
  • Drew: Drew was never a fan of lingerie. He preferred you all natural so every time you did wear it, it never stayed on more than a second. "Y/N, you look really nice, but I prefer...this" He said as he would rip it off you and kiss every bare piece of skin on you as the clothing was tossed to the ground. You always teased Drew by saying that he is the only male who doesn't like it, but nothing would ever change his mind. "You don't need all that fake shit. You have it all already, baby." He would whisper. He compared it to him in a soaking wet white t-shirt. "You would want my shirt off, right?" And suddenly, his point was made.


i will never get used to drew not being part of emblem3